Thank you for booking!


I really hope that coming to the clinic will help you to improve your lifestyle so that you live a longer, healthier and happier life. I expect that you will learn useful things that will benefit your health-I am not sure that in 35 years I have ever met a person with an ideal lifestyle. I have had patients that have found this information a revelation and completely changed their lifestyles. Even most doctors/surgeons do not realise what science would suggest is currently an optimal lifestyle.


To help you get even more out of this clinic you may wish (although this is not essential) to bring-

a) 3 recent home blood pressure readings

b) your last blood tests for-Lipids (cholesterol) and HbA1c

c) your QRISK score-a score giving the chance of you having a heart attack, stroke or dying in the next 10 years. Your GPs computerised system calculates this automatically from details in your health record.