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We all want to slow down aging-not only to look younger but also to feel better and remain healthier for longer. Fortunately there have recently been important advances in understanding the science of aging. In experiments it has even been found possible to reverse aging! Also the Federal Drug Administration in the USA has for the first time ever recognised aging itself as a legitimate target for medication.

Not everyone wants to live longer but we all want to age more slowly.

So why not book an appointment to discover what is new in the science of aging and how the scientific evidence from the study of aging could be applied to your own lifestyle?

 Many illnesses have a basic underlying aging component but also more specific causes which can be minimised by lifestyle or medication in order to prevent them-for instance dementia.



Scientific Journals and Institutions

This clinic will introduce you to findings about aging and longevity from the world’s best scientific laboratories. These include Harvard, National Institute of Aging (Washington), Cambridge etc… as well as studies in clinical medicine published in leading journals such as Nature, Science, The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet etc… So, you will have high quality reliable information on which to base your choices about lifestyle.

Longevity Research Scientists
couple aging happily
Living longer
couple aging happily

While there are other Longevity Clinics that specialise in practices such as acupuncture and wellness. These clinics have a differing underlying philosophy to ours. Our aim is to give you information from the most important studies published in scientific and medical journals.

Consequently, we have no interest in selling you products such as expensive supplements, Reiki, acupuncture and aromatherapy. This is because they have not been proven to make you live longer or improve your health long term.
Ultimately, our aim is to sift through the confusing media messages and to provide reliable information. In this way you can understand your own health and what you should do to live a longer, healthier and happier life.
Although a new concept in the UK in the US there are well established longevity clinics
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