Your lifestyle is probably already very good but with more information could you choose alter it to make your lifestyle better effortlessly ?


Take coffee as an example, did you know that-


Coffee lowers mortality by about 10-15%. The effect on mortality is mainly through lowering cardiovascular event rate (heart attacks and strokes).

It has been shown that only coffee made with filters leads to a lower mortality.

There is also a reduction in some cancers-particularly liver cancer.

Coffee protects the brain against some diseases. A 30% reduction in Alzheimers disease has been reported in people drinking coffee. There is also a reduction in Parkinson’s disease.

The ideal amount for an average person is 4 cups per day.

Women who drink coffee have a body fat percentage 4% less than those that do not-a substantial decrease.

There is a lower risk of diabetes in coffee drinkers.

However too much coffee tends to increase obesity and arthritis.

Decaffeinated coffee does contain some caffeine-5-10% of the ammount in caffeinated coffee.

Apart from caffeine coffee contains other compounds which are probably responisble for most of its beneficial effects.

So most people should drink coffee every day.



There are obviously many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle other than coffee. If you think that further information may be helpful-please consider booking a 20 minute telephone (or video) consultation.

These are with me-Dr Simon Horner. I am a very approachable consultant physician with 30 years experience of clinical medicine. For further details please see-about or my clinical website. I would ask you about your current lifestyle and make suggestions tailored to it. The consultations cost only £49. This is a small price considering it could show you ways that you could easily change your lifestyle and enjoy better longterm health.

I decided to start this clinic as I have now retired after 35 years in the NHS in high intensity cardiac posts. I wanted to pass on some of my experience and to keep helping people. Also, I know from talking to patients that almost all of them benefit from and are keen to have more information about many everyday aspects of lifestyle.

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